The Brand and Products

Dr. Beckmann is a family-owned company based in Germany and exists since 1934. The Dr. Beckmann brand has now been in the market for decades, and not only is it the No.1 specialist Stain Remover in Europe, but the name appears in many continents around the world.

Dr. Beckmann is famous for its specialized products with tailor cut ingredients for almost all kinds of different stains.
Dr. Beckmann not only offers products for stain removal but also household cleaning products and colour protection for clothes washing.


Melchers and Dr.Beckmann

Melchers supported Beckmann to enter the Taiwanese market in 2011 and continues to assist with brand building and distribution management.



Website:       www.dr-beckmann.com.tw
Email:            dr-beckmann[at]melchers.com.tw
Facebook:     www.facebook.com/drbeckmann.tw