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The Brand and Products

CHS CONTAINER Handel GmbH was established in Bremen in 1978. As one of the largest companies in this industry we provide all kinds mobile solutions, such as containers, accommodation units and container house.

Regular customers include shipping lines, construction companies, logistics providers, automotive manufacturers, off-shore projects, oil & gas, chemical, wind power & energy companies, government projects.
In 2014 CHS entered the Asian market by starting a joint-venture with Melchers in Taiwan.

What we offer:


Melchers and CHS Container

CHS offers in Taiwan market development as well as a one stop solution for costumers, in form of our “to door service”. Furthermore CHS offers leasing and buyback of containers, design of customized containers. Likewise we provide surveys and inspections of existing containers and container houses for quality control. CHS also provides the after sales service. 



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