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The Brand and Products

The Swiss brand Breitling has a long history since Léon Breitling started to create chronographs in 1884. Breitling designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes chronometer watches made in Switzerland. This family business is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands. Breitling is a chronograph specialist that has played a key role in the technical development of this complication, including inventing the two independent push pieces and presenting the first self-winding chronograph (1969). It is well-known for its precise and reliable chronographs which are made for professionals in aviation and diving. Breitling combines elegance with functionality to durable high-quality watches.


Melchers and Breitling

1999 Melchers became exclusive distributor for the products of Breitling in the Taiwan market. Furthermore, Melchers is operating the only certified Breitling after-sales service center in Taiwan.