Our Service Offers

Melchers Taiwan is able to provide a broad set of services. Our true competence lies in composing a suitable blend of these services to your needs. Some of these service elements we apply regularly, yet from time to time we add other elements as required by our partners.

Furthermore, we frequently develop wholly integrated business models that are usually untypical to our previous experiences. This keeps us sharp, innovative and "switched on" to any market changes and trends , allowing us to cross-utilize new insights and best practices.

Marketing, Sales (& After-Sales) & Distribution

  • We review the market potential and agree on suitable strategy with you
  • Structured market approach for both marketing and sales activities
  • Order fulfillment and management of logistical flows
  • Regular business performance updates, giving you full insight and control

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Structural search of appropriate suppliers in regards to best total cost and within your quality expectations
  • Supplier evaluation, selection and management processes to ensure continuous improvement
  • Supplier quality assurance and control to ensure repetitive and reliable high quality
  • Order fulfillment and management of logistical flows


Development & Management of wholly integrated business models

  • Melchers either in partnership or by itself develops fully operative business models in- and outside its normal area of service
  • We are successfully running a travel agent business in Taiwan that is market leader in extra-large group travel services
  • We have successfully setup and manage a wakeboarding park in the south of Taiwan


We would be glad to discuss your specific service blend at Melchers Taiwan. Please contact us at info@melchers.com.tw