Embedded System Solution


Elma Electronic AG is the global leader and industry innovator in advanced embedded computing solutions. Headquarter in Switzerland, manufacturing and design subsidiaries across Germany, US, UK, and China. Elma products and integrated platforms are based on a set of modular building blocks such as enclosures, precision hardware components, rotary switches, and embedded computing boards. Its strong expertise is in reliable design, manufacturing, and qualification in a harsh environment, such as aerospace, defense, industrial automation, and transportation. We work closely with customers and provide a tailor-made solution that meets their highest quality standards. In the new IOT era, Elma is your solution provider and is right here with you!


  • Backplane
  • Cabinets
  • Chassis Platforms
  • Embedded boards
  • Embedded computing system
  • Enclosure and Components
  • Power solutions                       
  • Rotary Switches


  • Advanced TCA
  • Com Express
  • CompactPCI/ Compact PCI Serial
  • OpenVPX
  • SOSA
  • VME/VME 64X

Industries: Aerospace & Defense, AI, Communciations, Energy, industrial, Medical,

Test and Measurement, Transportation and etc.

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                      1 - Enclosure&Chassis                              2 - Enclosure Accessories                              3 - Artificial Intelligence                      


        4 - OpenVPX                                      5 - CompactPCI system                                   6 - Defense solution


                                 7 - Industrial computing                                8 - Rotary switches