Melchers Group

Headquartered in Bremen, C. Melchers & Co. has been a private, owner-managed partnership since 1806. Thanks to our strong capital base, we are able to do business freely and independently on the international markets.

Our network of more than 50 subsidiaries in Germany and abroad makes us a powerful, dependable partner. Our experienced experts are there to support you at local level, ensuring the successful implementation of your specific requirements.

Our services cover the entire value chain – from product development and manufacturing through sales and retailing to marketing and after-sales service. Other areas of business include importing and exporting to and from Asia and internal trading within Asia.

The goal we share is to maintain and continually expand our global activities on a long-term basis. We develop new areas of business and open up new markets for our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for suitable new partners and for promising companies in which to acquire a holding.

As the Group expands and becomes more diversified, we take care to ensure that the individual business units complement one another and provide value added. In this way we can quickly adapt to changes in the market at any time and can use the Group's strength to tap market potential in an optimal manner. 


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