Printing & Graphics

Printing craft is the combination of series of accuracy processes. Specializing printing crafts and offering European/US advanced and high-quality printing crafts and related materials with zero time difference. We’re the Printing & Graphic Department of Melchers (Taiwan).

Huber Group

Sustainable ideas, concepts and products-Made in Germany

We offer whole world optimized printing inks and coatings with ECO-labels.

We also offer our MGA series food-grade inks and varnishes to international well-known brands Nestle’ and Philip Morris by a long-term cooperation.

With a history of 260 years, we are the largest printing ink manufacturer in Germany and the fourth largest in the world-Hubergroup. We have a clear understanding of the environmental and social responsibilities of enterprises. In the past few years, we have continued to implement environmental management systems that comply with ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

Most of our products are made from renewable vegetable oils, which are in full compliance with the International Deinking Industry Association test method INGEDE 11 and the European Recycled Paper Council (ERPC) deinking standards. And we also designed and produced inks in accordance with ecological and environmental protection standards.

We are the pioneer of vegetable-oil inks!

Since the 1990s, Hubergroup is always taking difficult challenges. In order to pursue environmental sustainability and lead the industry, we have developed the highest standard ink that is friendly to end-users, consumers and even the environment. Hubergroup has long been concerned about the importance of environmental sustainability and the health and safety of printing users, and has solemnly set a lofty goal of realizing mutual respect and harmonious coexistence between people and the environment.

We at the Hubergroup avoids using raw materials that are required as part of the food chain and developed the vegetable-oil (Mineral Oil Free, MOF) offset ink that is a leader in the industry. We have designed the unique logo for MOF idea, and which is authorized to be sued by Melchers (Taiwan) in the Asia-Pacific markets.

Our global well-known MGA® food-grade ink system (including food-grade varnishes, fount solution etc., the complete solution for food packaging), was upgrade developed by our MOF vegetable-oil ink bases. We manufactured in independent facility which is compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard and launched to global markets to strictly guarding for the safety of food packaging around the world.

For the great goal of sustainable coexistence between people and the environment, we are proud to be the first ink manufacturing company in the world to successfully develop a cobalt-free drying system. Our co-free ink has successfully removed toxic cobalt compounds which were usually added by many ink manufacturers into traditional inks to help them be oxidized drying.

Our ECO-OFFSET environmentally friendly ink we have been proud were successfully awarded the "Cradle to Cradle" (C2C) Bronze and Silver certifications in 2017. They are not only full vegetable oil inks (mineral-oil-free inks; MOF) but also zero-VOC inks, and complying with the latest world environmental regulations (including the latest French environmental protection law Article D543-45-1). Keep improving, our raw materials were awarded the C2C material health gold certification in 2021.

Hubergroup said: "It is our great honor for our products to award C2C silver certification. We have also set new standards in the printing industry in terms of environmental protection and resource conservation. We hope to continue to give full play of our strengths and take the lead in promoting the "healthy printing" of the ideal circular economy upon "cradle to cradle" environmental protection printing production.”

If there is any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us-Printing & Graphics Department.

C2C (Cradle-to-Cradle) certified products:

  • Climate Xtra Blankets - Made in Germany
  • Cut emissions, boost efficiency
  • Printing blankets and printing plates for the highest demands

Phoenix and Melchers have linked up as partners for many years and are already successfully introducing and promoting German high-quality printing blankets to whole Asian markets. These printing blankets cover all areas of applications, such as:

  • Coldset and newspaper
  • Heatset and commercial magazines
  • Sheet-fed conventional and packaging printing
  • Metal printing
  • UV printing
  • Special stripping blankets for coating jobs

Our Topaz series blanket is the bestselling blanket in Europe. Our Ruby series blanket has earned the reputation of the best UV blanket in the world.

If there is any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us-Printing & Graphics Department.

TKM Meyer
  • High technology preground blades and cutting knife
  • German premium printing blade and cutting knives which were integrated by German great crafts

Melchers (Taiwan) cooperated with TKM Meyer from Germany to offer Preground doctor blades for printing/coating with different dimensions which were made from Polyester, steel, stainless steel, special alloy or patented ceramic coating material and kinds of knives and related parts.

The properties of our doctor blades are:

  • Very smooth start-up process contact angle of blades fits perfectly chamber system
  • Improving the design defectives of other brands to be without the problem of bending blade tip
  • Easy handling due to the tip design of double 30o
  • Very strong tip zone equals long lifetime and high-quality printing
  • Reduce leaking of the ink out of the chamber system

TKM Meyer also the supplier of cutting knives for printing and cutting machine by well-known brand in the market. If there is any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us-Printing & Graphics Department.

ECS (Nottingham) Ltd
  • Food-grade Coatings-Made in UK
  • High quality coating solution

ECS (Nottingham) Ltd, a global manufacturer for premium food-grade Water-based and UV Coatings, printing machine manufacturers certificated Pressroom chemicals, food-grade non-alcohol Fountain solutions and high-end printing sundry products.

The full range of ECS products have been formulated, developed and manufactured at our site in Nottingham. Our range is designed for all machine manufacturers and Ink companies to meet their high-quality requirements and latest environmental-protection packaging regulations.