Food & Beverage

We proudly serve many industries with world-leading metal packaging solutions. We provide machinery for can body welding, body forming and end making, that apply to both 3-piece and 2-piece can production.

As a total solution provider, we provide sales, installation, commissioning, training, A/S and spare part support.

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Soudronic AG

Founded in 1953, Soudronic’s headquarters are located in Bergdietikon near Zurich.

We provide a complete range of machines and components – including slitters, transfer systems, welding machines, seam protection systems, bodyformers, two/three-piece can production lines and endmaking systems – to meet the requirements of any manufacturing line for cans, pails, drums and irregularly shaped containers.

  • 3-Piece Can Production
  • 2-Piece Can Production
  • Peel-off can production lines
  • End making production lines
Cantec GmbH & Co. KG

A Soudronic group company since 2006, Cantec specializes in can body formers and high-speed endmaking systems. Cantec’s core business is the development and production of high-performance systems for body formers, ends, deep-drawn cans, caps and EOE shells.

Ocsam Cepak srl

Founded following the merger of two formerly separate Soudronic companies, Ocsam Cepak operates from a state-of-the-art facility manufacturing high-performance slitter and transfer systems.

Ferrum Packaging Ltd.

Ferrum’s machines seam beverage cans at all speeds: low speed, medium speed, and high speed. This means that we are able to cover the needs of the entire beverage industry, with our seamers being able to work with steel, aluminum, and plastic.

BURNS (Probat, Inc.)

BURNS Industrial Coffee Roasters are built to last for generations. Owned and operated by Probat, Inc. and part of the Probat Group, BURNS provides the same quality, dependability, and service that customers expect from the world’s most trusted name in comprehensive coffee roasting solutions.


Ricciarelli S.p.A. provide all kinds/shapes of packaging solution. Protect and value products all over the world, perform packaging of the highest qualitative level and security for any kind of need, doing it with a close collaboration with customer and establish with him, a partnership relation and confidence which can offer to final consumer, the maximum level of security, protection and quality of product offered.